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Hi, my name is Ken. I am an avid golfer, a reading lover and an auto body and paint DIY amateur. During the week, I work as a financial consultant, and I love my job. However, I get tired of advising people about maintaining their fortunes, and in the evening, I like to do things that feel more mechanical and even artistic in a way. That's why I decided to write this blog. Here, I am going to post all about auto body news and information. I like to keep up to date on what's new as well as exploring tried-and-true facts about the industry. If you need a repair or are thinking about doing one yourself, I hope these posts help you. Enjoy.

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Smash Repair Tips

Repairing your vehicle after a car crash can be a daunting affair. It is especially so since the smash repair process is not as straightforward as most people presume when they take their vehicles to their mechanics. Below are some valuable insights to guide you as you conduct smash repairs. 

Consider Reputable Repair Shops

You will find some DIY hacks for minor body imperfections such as scratches. However, if your vehicle has suffered a car crash, you should avoid DIY repair guides since they are unreliable. The best approach would be to find a reputable repair shop to restore your car. However, how do you choose a smash repair shop? Below are some insights; 

  • Assess the repair shop's professionalism. For instance, the shop should have machining equipment to restore body panels, paint booths, car lifting equipment, and highly-skilled mechanics.
  • Evaluate other vehicles in the repair shop to establish the quality of finishes.
  • Check the repair conditions. For instance, how long will it take to restore the car? Does the shop offer guarantees on the finishes? Do customers have access to complimentary services such as courtesy cars?
  • The repair shop should have a wide range of smash repair options, depending on your budget. This way, you do not have to break the bank when repairing the vehicle. 

Always Ask For A Comprehensive Mechanical Report 

Most clients will ask their mechanics to only repair the affected panels. However, you should consider a comprehensive mechanical report to avoid unforeseen problems. For instance, if your vehicle suffered front damage, you could presume it only needs a new bumper. However, if the frame sustained some damage, you risk severe injuries during an accident since the airbags might not deploy on time. Conversely, the cooling system could have some defects that cause overheating. 

Assess Your Financing Options 

Your insurance pays for smash repairs if you have comprehensive coverage. However, if you wish to have the vehicle repaired at a garage of your choosing, you bear the repair costs and seek compensation from your insurer at a later date. If you are liable for repair costs, ask the garage to send you a quote. Then, hold a meeting with your mechanic and discuss the various cost-saving alternatives. For instance, you will save significant funds if you opt for used panels instead of OEM panels. If your vehicle suffered minor damages, you could ask the mechanic to repaint the affected area instead of the entire car. However, this intervention is not viable if your vehicle has faded paint.    

For more information about smash repairs, contact a local company.