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Hi, my name is Ken. I am an avid golfer, a reading lover and an auto body and paint DIY amateur. During the week, I work as a financial consultant, and I love my job. However, I get tired of advising people about maintaining their fortunes, and in the evening, I like to do things that feel more mechanical and even artistic in a way. That's why I decided to write this blog. Here, I am going to post all about auto body news and information. I like to keep up to date on what's new as well as exploring tried-and-true facts about the industry. If you need a repair or are thinking about doing one yourself, I hope these posts help you. Enjoy.

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Tips That Allow for Optimal Sandblasting Results

Many car restoration projects involve a lot of work on the body of the vehicle. Transforming the exterior appearance of a car is not always easy when rust and corrosion are present. The most effective method for removing paint, rust and corrosion from the metal surface of a car door is through sandblasting. It is possible to get the highest quality results if you follow the best techniques. Before you start sandblasting your car door, it is a good idea to be familiar with helpful tips that will allow for the best possible results.

Dry Sand

Sand is the material of choice that you use when you choose to sandblast your car door clean. However, it is important that you only use sand that is completely dry. Some people think that moist sand can be just as effective in removing rust and paint, but this is not the case. Due to the harshness of sandblasting, it is possible for small indentations to be left in the surface of the metal door, but moist sand does not make this less common. It is not the wetness of the sand that makes a difference, but is contingent on the sandblasting technique that you use. This means that there is no benefit that can be gained from using moist sand.


The type of air compressor that you use when sandblasting a car door will also have an impact on the final result. You must be using an air compressor when sandblasting that has a high capacity and a strong enough motor. If there is not enough capacity in the air tank storage, it will not be sufficient in removing all the paint and rust. In some cases, you might even be required to use an air compressor that has the capacity of two tanks.


Just because you are going to be sandblasting doesn't mean that you no longer need to sand at all. It is actually recommended that you sand the door before you begin sandblasting. Sanding will remove most of the paint and primer from the surface of the door before you begin sandblasting. This also makes all the rust and corrosion marks more visible for when you begin the process of sandblasting.


When you are sandblasting, it is important that you place the nozzle of the sandblasting machine right over the part of the door panel that features the rust you want to remove. When you pull the trigger on the sandblasting machine, the sand that is released will knock the rust off. This means that you need to place the nozzle right on the rust. However, only leave the nozzle on one spot for a few seconds. This should be a sufficient amount of time to penetrate the rust that exists without leaving behind an indentation in the metal.