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Hi, my name is Ken. I am an avid golfer, a reading lover and an auto body and paint DIY amateur. During the week, I work as a financial consultant, and I love my job. However, I get tired of advising people about maintaining their fortunes, and in the evening, I like to do things that feel more mechanical and even artistic in a way. That's why I decided to write this blog. Here, I am going to post all about auto body news and information. I like to keep up to date on what's new as well as exploring tried-and-true facts about the industry. If you need a repair or are thinking about doing one yourself, I hope these posts help you. Enjoy.

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Top Tips When Choosing A Panel Beater

Panel beaters are professionals that repair dents, cracks, rusting and uneven body lines on your automobile. Choosing a panel beater can be a daunting task for many car owners. Below is a discussion on how to choose a panel beater

Start With Customer Reviews

Satisfied and disgruntled customers will leave a review on social media or the panel beater's Google My Business listing. Examine these reviews to know how customers rate the panel beater's services. You could also leave an inquiry regarding the professional's services and check how customers respond to the query. For instance, you could ask whether the professional can repair damaged panels to a near-new condition without having to replace them. Positive reviews are an indication that customers are satisfied with the professional's work.

Visit The Repair Shop

Visit the repair shop to assess the quality of services provided by the professional. For instance, check the number of employees vis-à-vis the number of vehicles under repair. It will give you a rough idea of how long your vehicle will spend at the shop. Check whether the shop has vehicle repair tools and machines such as dent-pulling machines, frame straighteners, chassis pulling equipment and spot welding machines. Visit the paint booth to inspect the finished product. Ideally, vehicles leaving the repair shop should be in a near-new state. 

Inquire About The Terms Of Repair

Some of your concerns when evaluating the terms of repair should include the following: 

What kind of repairs does the panel beater provide? For instance, if your vehicle needs engine repairs, do you have to call in a mechanic or does the panel beater have professionals to conduct such repairs?

How long will your car spend at the garage? The panel beater should give a guarantee that the repair works will be complete within a specified time.

Does the panel beater give warranties? Ideally, they should be ready to offer free repairs if the completed work does not meet the agreed standards.

Does the panel beater provide a courtesy car to use as you await repairs? If so, will you pay for the service? 

Check The Pricing

The panel beater should have a flexible and friendly pricing strategy. For instance, if you are on a budget, they should allow you to source parts. Inquire about extra costs. For example, some panel beaters will charge a storage fee when your vehicle is under repair. Ideally, you should pay a deposit and make small payments once the panel beater completes a project milestone. 

When choosing a panel beater, check customer reviews, visit the repair shop and check the terms of repair and the professional's pricing.